The Issues

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Reforming Albany:

  • The New York State Attorney General must have original jurisdiction over all cases of political corruption. Local law enforcement does not have the resources to effectively prosecute these offenses and we must finally hold legislators accountable for their “member items” and expose any and all conflicts of interest.

State Contractors and Pensions:

  • As Attorney General I will go after abusive contractors, under-performing pension managers, and root out abuse in our Public Authorities. The people of New York deserve on-time and on-budget contracts, superlative performance of the pension system, and smooth running government that doesn’t constantly raise fees and tolls to meet its operating budget.


  • We must utilize the powers of the Attorney General to track the flow of terrorist money into sham charities and non-profit organizations that serve as conduits between cell leaders and local terrorists. Additionally, we must make sure that New York has all the resources necessary to protect itself from attack, and make sure that terrorists are tried in military tribunals far away from New York City.


  • New York has the highest Medicaid bill in the nation. We will continue to combat Medicaid fraud all over this state and we will fight to return monetary recoveries to local governments who are collapsing under the weight of their share of Medicaid costs.

Immigration Reform:

  • We are all the products of immigration, and the Federal government must achieve a sensible solution immediately, a national solution that recognizes our immigrant heritage and protects our borders. We can not have a chaotic system where each of the fifty states enacts their own immigration laws.

Domestic Violence: improving the use of technology

  • I recently authored the Domestic Violence Law of 2010, a law that was introduced in the state legislature to protect victims of domestic violence, by strengthening orders of protection, improve the use of technology in enforcing orders of protection and to protect women from all forms of domestic violence. This law must be passed. As Attorney General I will help local law enforcement to prosecute all perpetrators and protect all victims of abuse.


  • I will continue to strongly advocate for a system of “civil confinement” to keep sex-offenders locked up after they have completed their statutory sentences. Sex-offenders should only be allowed to return to society when we are certain that they are no longer a threat to society and the communities they want to live in.

Illegal Guns:

  • As district attorney, I have fought to keep illegal guns off the streets in Staten Island, and have taken this issue to Congress as well. We must stem the flow of illegal guns into our state, close all sale loopholes that endanger safety and security and protect the rights of law abiding citizens.

Financial Fraud:

  • The Attorney General of New York has a long history of protecting investors and consumers from financial crimes, but we must promote fair markets and not bring cases simply to get headlines. Wall Street is the financial backbone of our state, and we must ensure that it continues to create jobs and remain the economic generator our state depends on.

Mortgage Fraud:

  • I recently stood with Senator Schumer and all five NYC District Attorneys – all democrats- to promote legislation that protects homeowners from the recent wave of mortgage refinance and debt-reorganization scams. Along with “Habitat for Humanity” we worked to educate the public about these scams. As Attorney General, we will continue to prosecute these crimes.