Meet Dan Donovan

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Daniel M. Donovan, Jr. was elected Richmond County District Attorney in November 2003, becoming the first Republican elected District Attorney in New York City in over fifty years. He was overwhelmingly re-elected in 2007 with nearly 70% of the vote, with the endorsement of the Republican, Conservative and Independence parties.

A native Staten Islander, Dan Donovan was educated in local schools and attended St. John’s University (Staten Island Campus) where he earned a BA in Criminal Justice. He later attended the Fordham University School of Law as an evening student where he was a member of the Fordham Law Review and earned his JD, with honors, in 1988. True to his modest upbringing, Dan paid his own way through college and law school, working various jobs and learning the true value of hard work and determination.

Prior to being elected District Attorney, Dan Donovan served the people of New York for over two decades. District Attorney Donovan began his career as a prosecutor serving eight years under Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau where he prosecuted major narcotics cases throughout the city and served as senior trial counsel. After leaving Morgenthau’s office, Donovan began serving his native Staten Island in 1996 as Chief of Staff to then Borough President Guy V. Molinari. In January 2002, Mr. Donovan was appointed Deputy Borough President, serving under Borough President James P. Molinaro.

As a candidate for District Attorney in 2003, Donovan proposed a remarkable agenda for revitalizing an office which had consistently ranked near the bottom of every category measured by the City and State of New York. In the general election, Donovan defeated the Chief Assistant of the outgoing District Attorney, who had held his position for over 20 years.

As Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan:

  • In 2008, Dan led the City of New York in the conviction of dangerous felons. Today, his felony conviction rate stands at over 90%, one of the highest in the state.
  • Accomplished the impossible, and now, nearly 100% of all repeat drunk driving offenders serve time in prison.
  • Became the first prosecutor on Staten Island to use New York’s Hate Crimes statute to prosecute bias crimes.
  • Obtained the first felony conviction in New York State under Stephanie’s Law – targeting those disgusting video voyeurs who secretly videotape their victims.
  • Aggressively targeted illegal guns, drunk drivers, sex offenders, domestic violence and those who prey on senior citizens and children.
  • Fulfilled a key campaign pledge and established Staten Island’s first formal witness protection program.

Dan Donovan’s office has also been in the vanguard of using new technologies and laws to prosecute criminals in our community such as, using GPS technology to enforce orders of protection, and indicting DNA profiles in rape cases.

As DA, Donovan has also undertaken an ambitious legislative agenda, calling upon legislators to enact or improve laws where the people of New York are not being adequately protected. Donovan has been an out-spoken advocate for tougher laws regarding sexual predators, illegal guns, drunk drivers, domestic violence, gratuitous video game violence, and for repealing the statute of limitations in serious sex offenses.

In 2008 Dan’s record of service was recognized by his peers as he was elected President of the New York State District Attorney’s association. Additionally, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York awarded its 2006 “Diversity Champion Award” to Donovan for increasing Diversity in the DAs office and for raising the office’s standards. Donovan similarly received a Diversity award from the Asian-America Bar Association of New York.

Now, Donovan is running for New York State Attorney General because he cannot and will not sit back idly as New York State descends into a bottomless pit of public corruption. Donovan plans to harness all the powers of the office, to bring an end of to the corruption in Albany, and to restore New Yorker’s faith in their elected officials and state government. To accomplish this Dan will:

  • Make the Attorney General’s office ground zero to root out government corruption.
  • Aggressively prosecute corruption at all levels of government.
  • Shine a light, once and for all, on all legislators’ conflicts of interest.
  • Foster real transparency in the “member item” process.
  • Crack down on abusive contractors.
  • Guarantee the state pension system serves retirees and taxpayers, and not the well- connected.
  • Root out Medicaid fraud in every corner of the state.
  • Work with localities to protect residents from never-ending property tax increases.
  • Track the flow of terrorist money into our state before anybody can attempt to attack us.
  • Protect investors and consumers from the financial crimes of Wall Street.
  • Stem the flow of illegal guns into our state.
  • Protect our children from predators whether on the internet or in person.

New Yorkers have had enough of an unaccountable government that protects the special interests instead of their own. It’s time to make Dan Donovan Attorney General.